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Are You Ready to Take Your Organization to the Next Level?

Learn how to engage your board so you can jumpstart your fundraising quickly.

Discover how to attract grants and corporate sponsors to turn your nonprofit into a ROBUST fundraising machine.

 Find out how to create a consequential impact on serious social issues to maintain a thriving presence 10, 20, and even 30 years down the line.

With so many nonprofits vying for the same slice of the pie - How do YOU stay on the cutting edge of generating MORE income with LESS effort?

The Frame Up Digital Course is an ACTION PLAN to keep your nonprofit strong, sustainable, and extremely profitable so you can continue to scale your community impact!

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"Kathy and Brad Lambert are amazing! Their ability to impart their knowledge, experiences, and now their type of training has forever changed our trajectory. I highly recommend this program!"

"This has been a tremendous opportunity for our organization. We sometimes forget how much can be learned even with 20+ years of experience! We learned a lot and built meaningful relationships to leverage resources in the future.”

"I honestly can say that if you implement what Brad and Kathy taught you will be off to the races, but you MUST implement it in order for it to work."

We've Helped 47 Organizations Raise Over $3 Million in Our Live Virtual Training and Now We're Sharing it with You

The Frame Up Digital Course is a 100% online self-paced program that gives you immediate access to the latest templates and strategies that Kathy, Brad, and dozens of other nonprofit leaders use to quickly jumpstart their fundraising.

Get firsthand access to those elusive methods that nonprofit leaders use to stay viable in a super-competitive world and bring in more revenue than they EVER have before. (The exact same modules that Brad and Kathy used to raise over $44 million over the last 23 years at their previous nonprofit!)

Skip the guesswork! Enroll today to:

✓ Get focused on those activities which are GUARANTEED to jumpstart your fundraising
✓ Discover a marketing and fundraising plan that you can repeat each week to MAXIMIZE your impact
✓ Learn the necessary grant writing tips to make funders take notice
✓ Incorporate strategic corporate partnerships into your action plan to stay VIABLE over the long-term
✓ Build Momentum in your income growth and stay on track with your funding goals

...All while you act with LESS EFFORT and MORE IMPACT!


Your Price: $997 | Course Valued At: $3,500

Explore the Frame Up Digital Modules & Bonuses

Step 1: Welcome and Onboarding

Get ready to have fun and learn some great strategies that will help your organization.  You'll start here as an introduction to the course and what to expect.

Step 2: 4-Step Model for Increasing Your Impact and Funding

Learn the step-by-step process that Brad and Kathy Lambert took to create these proven results during their 23 years leading a nonprofit organization.

Step 3: Utilizing Tracking and Progress Tools in this Course

With the help of the tools provided in this module, you can easily monitor your progress and make data-driven decisions to achieve your goal.

Step 4: The Main Course - Let’s Get Started!

The next 10 modules are where you’ll learn the very same strategies we share in the Frame Up for Funding virtual in-person program where nonprofits have made $20k, $40k, $70k and well up into the $100k+ in one quarter.

Enjoy this fully online self-paced course and master our formula for nonprofit success by learning and implementing all that you learn throughout this course.

Module 1: Understanding Where You're At

Unlock the key to your nonprofit's long-term success by understanding where your organization is now is crucial for strategic planning and board development. Gain valuable insights into the different stages of the nonprofit lifecycle, full costs involved, and how to incorporate these costs into a fundraising plan to ensure long-term sustainability.

Module 2: Develop Your Value Proposition

Learn how to craft a powerful nonprofit value proposition that attracts donors, funders, and volunteers to your organization in this module. Discover the key elements of a compelling value proposition and create an effective elevator pitch that clearly communicates your nonprofit's mission, vision, and impact. With these valuable tools, you'll be able to make a strong first impression and build lasting relationships with potential supporters.

Module 3: Prospective Donors - Where to find them!

Looking for donors to support your organization's mission? This section is all about building confidence in your conversations, where to find donors, and how your "social return on investment" can be a critical piece to the puzzle.

Module 4: Donor Conversation Protocol - Conversations Create Cash

Asking a donor for money can be intimidating. In this module, you'll discover the key to successful donor conversations: your value proposition. With tips on approaching donors, engaging board members, and increasing donations, you'll be well on your way to building authentic, long-term relationships.

Module 5: Stealth Social Media Marketing

Discover how stealth social media marketing can be important for reaching and engaging with donors. And how you can build trust and credibility with the right messaging.

Module 6: Effective Marketing Strategies

Looking for effective marketing strategies to drive donations and engage potential donors? Look no further! Our proven marketing strategies will help you communicate your mission and values to potential supporters, build awareness around your organization, and reach your fundraising goals. With our expert guidance, you can make a meaningful impact in your community and beyond.

Module 7: Referrals & Do the Ask

Learn how to turn your donors into champions that will continue to donate, and spread the word about your nonprofit organization. In this module, you'll learn to create an ask that is easy to understand and will help to propel your funding for your nonprofit.

Module 8: Corporate Philanthropy

In this training module, you'll learn how to tap into the potential donor base of corporate philanthropy. Discover the different types of corporate philanthropy, understand matching gift programs, and learn how to turn volunteer time into cash for your nonprofit. Learn to effectively leverage corporate philanthropy to increase individual gifts and take your nonprofit to the next level.

Module 9: Mapping a World of Funding Opportunities

Together we'll identify where your funding has been coming from, brainstorm new ideas, and diversify your income to create new opportunities for your organization.

Module 10: Know Your Budget to Raise More Money

Overwhelmed when it comes to managing your organization's finances?  Learn how to create a comprehensive annual budget that serves as your financial roadmap, develop a fund development plan to secure funding, and plan for successful end-of-year fundraising. 

These Amazing Bonuses Are Waiting For You!

Successful Grant
Writing Webinar

Learn the essential techniques to design winning grant proposals. With over 23 years of experience in nonprofit organizations, Kathy and Brad will share their real-world insights to help you get those elusive strategies to make funders say "YES".

In this webinar, you'll discover the key considerations to determine the suitability justification to apply for a grant and learn the successful grant writing do's and don'ts. With our expert guidance, you can increase your chances of securing the funding you need to make a meaningful impact in your community.

Example Board Financial & Engagement Form

Looking to increase your nonprofit's financial sustainability? Look no further than our Board Financial & Engagement Form. This powerful tool will help you engage and inspire your board members to take an active role in fundraising for your organization.

With their help, you can increase your donor base and secure the financial resources you need to make a meaningful impact in your community. Don't miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your nonprofit's financial future!

Example Board Member Commitment Form

Are you looking for ways to engage your board members in your nonprofit's fundraising efforts? Search no more! Our Example Board Member Commitment Form can help you get the support you need to make a difference.

This template allows each board member to make a yearly financial commitment to support your organization's sustainability, ensuring that your fundraising efforts are well-supported and your mission is realized. With the commitment and support of your board, you can achieve your fundraising goals and make a lasting impact in your community.

Ready to obtain exclusive access to techniques utilized by nonprofit leaders growing their funding and impact?

The strategies found in this digital course will enable you to remain sustainable in a highly competitive environment while generating unprecedented fundraising growth. These are the precise methods that enabled Brad and Kathy Lambert to raise over $44 million during their previous nonprofit's 23-year tenure.


"Thank you Kathy and Brad for your consistent, extremely generous support and sharing of knowledge with us. Your positive reinforcement of what is possible, with an infinite number of ways to achieve one's full potential is inspiring."

"This was a great refresher on the tools that are available for nonprofits. The Value Proposition was especially helpful. It seems so simple, but it really isn't. Love Brad and Kathy's enthusiasm and wisdom on all things fundraising."

"Kathy and Brad, your insights and experiences have given me the knowledge to relate with board members and donors in an entirely different manner. I've been so program-focused that I lost sight of what keeps our programs operating - funding."

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